A Dose of Dijana (Guest Post): I Judge Your Book by its Cover

Ah, the joy of summers. Is there a better time to talk about looks and appearances of well, all the living and non-living things around us, than July, the middle of what seems like it’s going to be a freakishly hot summer?

So while I force myself to go and workout even though I’d much rather sip some strawberry mojitos and scroll on Instagram – okay, I’ll stop with the Instagram jokes though I might introduce some hashtag jokes, just to keep up with the trends – I can’t help but wonder just how much we judge things, people, and what’s going to be the topic of this post, books, by their covers?

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A Dose of Dijana (Guest Post): Lost in Translation

I may know a thing or two about books but a subject I know more than a few things about is translating books. Could the cliché get any bigger – a bookworm working as a book translator? Let’s all laugh and stop me from becoming an Instagram life coach one day (damn, I spend way too much time on that thing!). However, before you start being jealous of me spending days on end endlessly typing on my computer, let me tell you how book translations are handled here in Macedonia.

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Guest Post: Memoirs of a Bookworm

Memoirs of a Bookworm

It’s not very hard to spot a bookworm these days.


In fact, we can even play that game right now. If you’re in a café, or in a restaurant, or any other place that lures the above mentioned rare species, turn your head around and start your quest of finding one! Though I’d strongly advise against observing strangers up close, you’ll easily manage to recognise others of your kind.

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