Barbara’s Bookish Banter: The Extraordinary in an Ordinary World (Guest Post)

Summer is right around the corner and I’m sure that many of you are thanking whatever divinity you believe in that everything is almost over. For many of us, summer means a time before a big change, precious moments you spend with family and friends relaxing, travelling, making happy memories. Summer is also a time for festivals, a time to (re)discover yourself, to try new things, make new friends, find new bands, and be adventurous. Coincidentally, it’s during summer that I can actually read lots of the books on my very, very large reading list, and it was during a fateful summer a while back that I stumbled upon a hidden gem that changed me.

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Reader Interview: Pam’s Bookish Thoughts

Originally from the UK but now living in Canada with her family, Pam is an active member of Bookshop Bistro, a keen reader, and lots of fun to talk to! We had a chat about what she likes about books, and this is what she told me…

What makes you want to read a book? Is it a great cover, a good blurb, a recommendation, or something else?  

The first two pages. If I can’t read the first two pages I probably won’t buy the book.

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A Dose of Dijana (Guest Post): Lost in Translation

I may know a thing or two about books but a subject I know more than a few things about is translating books. Could the cliché get any bigger – a bookworm working as a book translator? Let’s all laugh and stop me from becoming an Instagram life coach one day (damn, I spend way too much time on that thing!). However, before you start being jealous of me spending days on end endlessly typing on my computer, let me tell you how book translations are handled here in Macedonia.

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