Bookish Bonus Material

You know that feeling when you’ve finished reading a book that you loved? I mean, really really loved? That feeling of deep sadness and loss, that kind of hung-over feeling of bewilderment. What are you meant to do with your life now? What’s happened to Jill/Bob/character-name-of-your-choice? It’s a kind of blown-away, ‘I can’t believe I found this magnificent thing only to have it end so soon’ feeling. It’s the holy grail of reading, that feeling. It’s the elusive thing that we’re all searching for and only come across once in a blue moon. It’s something all bookworms crave and fear at the same time. It’s bloomin’ awesome.

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So here they are, my beautiful new covers, as designed by the wonderfully talented illustrator and graphic designer, Maria Jose Galvan. Her portfolio is well worth checking out, she’s done some truly fantastic work. So what do you think?

On Why I Don’t Like Self-Promotion…And Why That’s Going to Change

Self-promotion sucks. I find it really hard, at least in the context of my writing. I’m not a natural bragger and I don’t want to boast about my work. I don’t want to intrude on people’s days or twist conversations unnaturally so that I can talk about my books in the hopes of getting a sale or two. I hate it when authors do that to me, so why would I want to do that to anyone else? It’s not for me. I’m not interested. Since I’m not really in this writing lark to make money, I quite simply decided not to bother with the self-promotion. I’ll talk about my book if it comes up in conversation naturally, I’ll continue writing my blog (albeit very sporadically…oops) because I find it fun, I’ll take pleasure in any sales or reviews as they come but I’m not going to push it and I’m not going to be disheartened if they don’t come. Ever since I came to that decision, I’ve enjoyed writing a whole lot more.

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