Review: ABC-Destiny by Voinks


Destiny entwines the lives of Abigail, Beatrice, and Cecelia (the eponymous A, B, and C). Although we meet them only briefly – both at the beginning of this book and again at the end – their stories are embroiled in the rest of the tale – that of Frank and Delphine, with whom we travel on a journey of love, of disaster, of heartache, and of recovery. This book is about loveable characters and how their lives are pulled together by destiny.

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Saturday Feels…Cold: On whether the weather is a good topic of conversation


It’s June! Did you know that already? Because I don’t think the little hobbit in the sky who controls the weather knows that. He’s rather confusedly pressing all the October buttons instead of twizzling the June knobs. It’s cold where I am, and rainy, just like October! It’s so rainy that there are floods all over France and it’s so cold that I’ve gone back to wearing two pairs of socks (at the same time, you understand). The weather-hobbit must be drunk.

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Annie’s Bar Book Club: The Running Man by Stephen King

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realise that they need to join a book club. That time, for me at least, is nigh. That’s why I’m now a bona fide member of Annie’s Bar Book Club.¬†Of course, I’ve been a member of a book club before. In fact, before I moved to France, one of my strongest ties to Wales – one of the few things that made me think twice about the move – was my book club. I loved it and I miss it, so what better thing to do than join another now I’m here?

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