Sir Pratchett and A Bellyful of Laughs


Today is Sir Terry Pratchett’s birthday. He would have been 68. That’s not quite a grand old age, but he made the most of his short years. He wrote over 70 novels, in which he skilfully entwined fantasy and humour, and all the while, he made commentary on society and references to all levels of culture almost without you realising.

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Short Story: Dinner at the Shakespeare’s

“Mother, I’ve written a poem!” Bill said as he burst into the kitchen excitedly.

Chicken_noodle_soup.jpg“Well that’s lovely dear. Help me set the table for dinner, will you?” She stirred the giant pot of broth that would feed them tonight. Bill salivated as he walked past; his mother cooked the best broth in the street. All his friends were jealous. He went and pulled out the spoons and knives, placing them in order around the table.

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Bugger Off! 10 Things I Love About My Country #6: Language

Language is a fabulous thing and this list shows us why. There are some fantastic English slang phrases in here.

Suzie Speaks

We’re over half way through with the ‘United We Stand’ posts and Steve (a scot), Jenny (an American) and I (an English woman) have been compiling lists about the things we love about our countries.

This week’s focus is language. I toyed with the idea of focusing on the different aspects of the history of the english language, but have somehow gravitated towards slang and swear words. Warning: there may be uses of words that you may deem to be inappropriate within this list – if you are easily offended, read the post with your hands over your face whilst peeking out between your fingers.


1. Bugger. This is a word that I use on a regular basis to in any number of situations:

  • Bugger off – go away.
  • We’re buggered – all is lost.
  • It’s buggered – it is broken.
  • I’m buggered – I’m tired.
  • Lucky bugger – a…

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Should You Encourage Kids to Follow Their Dreams?

I was talking to a group of authorly friends the other day and the topic of kids came up. One of my friends said that when she was young, she told people that she wanted to be an author but she didn’t get a good reaction. She was, in essence, shot down and told that she needed to live in the ‘real’ world. So that’s what she did for many years. It was only as an adult, many years later, that she realised that she should be following her passion of writing – and that’s exactly what she does now (she’s bloomin’ good at it too).

My first reaction to what she said was “that’s terrible,” and I still stand by that reaction, but the whole conversation got me thinking (and that’s dangerous, I know). Whilst having your dreams shot down completely is not good, is the alternative any better?

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Have a Laugh (at my expense!)


Got the Monday blues?

Have a laugh at my expense! John Sharpe: No. 1,348 is free on Kindle until Wednesday.

Get your giggles in now!*

*If you enjoy the book, please consider leaving a short review on Amazon – it really helps!

When the not-so-intrepid Mr Sharpe finds a stranger unfurling in his kitchen, little did he realise that he was going to be dragged through an eye-rolling, jaw-flapping, thigh-slapping world of magic and mayhem.

It’s all caused, of course, by Queen Queenie and her lover who have lost their son. That’s right, they’ve mislaid him. They can’t remember where they’ve put him and now they want him back. All they know is two things: that they placed him in another world for safe-keeping and that his name is John Sharpe. So they start sorting through the lot…

In an exciting adventure through a new world, 1,348 John Sharpes desperately attempt to get back to their own lives, whilst Queenie attempts to find the son she banished so long ago. Will the Sharpes ever get back to their old beds and TV dinners? Will Queenie find her son? And will the son even be willing to return?

John Sharpe, No. 1,348 is a novella of whimsical proportions. A mischievous and quick read, John Sharpe is bound to lift you from your blues and have you giggling all the…where-ever you’re going! It is a stand-alone novella that will, in time, form part of a much larger Underworld adventure.

“Alice in Wonderland meets Oliver Twist collides with The Hobbit.” – Maria Gibbs, Author

“If you like Fantasy with a little ‘crazy’ thrown in, then you’ll enjoy this book.” – Maureen Turner, Author

“Every once in a while you get to read something special and this is what John Sharpe: No. 1,348 by Riley J Froud is – something very special.” – Grant Leishman, Author

“Banish all seriousness, engage in a series of giggles, and join in the Queen’s quest to find her true son. If you enjoy intelligent, well-rounded humour with some delightful, bumbling personalities, then you will appreciate this book.” – Jo Roderick, Author/Author Services

Friday Feels…Ready: On Reviving Old Loves

So yeah…I’m still alive! You’d never think it through the amount I’ve posted recently but you know…I’m here now and all.

Phew, what a couple of weeks…er…months that’s been! I went from stagnant nothingness (remember the whole ‘lethargy breeds lethargy’ thing? Yeah, me too) to six weeks of non-stop action.

It’s been awesome.

It’s been crazy.

It’s all starting to balance out now.

Balance – now there’s a thing to love and boy, I’m feeling the love. A bit of chill-out time, a bit of work time, lots of time to do the things I love time.

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