Review: The Magic of Grandfather Time by Rose English


Just before Christmas, I took part in an author event run by a friend of mine. Whilst the games that we played were enjoyable, and the two authors involved (Rose English and Maria Gibbs) were fantastic fun, I didn’t really expect to win anything. Imagine my surprise then, when Rose English herself messaged me to declare me the winner! I was overjoyed, and it wasn’t long before the postie was knocking on my door with a little pile of goodies. This unassuming little book, The Magic of Grandfather Time, was in amongst it.

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Review: Soulless by Jacinta Maree


Imagine if reincarnation were a certainty. Imagine everyone could remember their past lives. Imagine all those past lives and past personalities fighting for dominance. That’s the world that Nadia lives in. A broken, fearsome, dangerous, mad world, in which everyone has lived many, many lives and in which everyone has to fight every day just to survive. Except Nadia’s different. She wasn’t born with a soul imprint and she has no memories of any previous lives. Soulless tells us her story. Read more

Review: Wings of Shadow by Sherri A. Wingler


You know, I’m finding it absolutely impossible to sum up this book without throwing in spoilers for book one. So instead, here’s the blurb from Amazon:

Mortals never see me in their final moments. Isabel saw me. From the very beginning. She saw me, knew me for the monster I am, and still she loved me. That beautiful young woman with fire in her blood. I wanted her the moment I laid eyes on her. She was perfect, made just for me by a cruel and merciless twist of Fate. Isabel was my mate and my match, in every way, but loving me destroyed her.Fate stole my love from me, simply to watch me suffer. Oh, it cost her, but not nearly enough. A few dead Reapers were nothing compared to what I would do when I found her. The River of the Dead could run red with the blood of the guilty, and it would never be enough. My revenge would be a bitter-sweet thing, for it would never bring my Isabel back to me. Once she faced Judgment, she would be lost to me, forever.I could not accept that. I would not.

I enjoyed the first book, it was a good book full of philosophical questions, fast-paced action, and great characters (check out my review). But where the first book was a touch clichéd and perhaps overly commercial, clinging to a trend that’s trailing to its end, this second book is far from it! In fact, this book moves so far away from the cliché that I had to read over bits of the first book to make sure I hadn’t got it entirely wrong!

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Friday Feels…Like a Roller-coaster

Friday feels…Friday feels…I’m not really sure how Friday feels. Friday feels sleepy, that’s for sure (that’ll teach me for staying up until 2am reading). Friday feels a bit poorly too (I’ve discovered that you can catch a cold in France too, much to my dismay). Friday feels excited and happy (things are moving forward with my new life, finally). Friday feels a bit like a roller-
coaster to be honest.

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Author Interview: Sherri A. Wingler

Sherri A. Wingler lives and works in Indiana with her husband and an array of pets (from her website: “many rescued kitty cats, two geriatric dogs, and a co-dependent Shih-Tzu named Spanky!”) She is the author of the amazing Immortal Sorrows series (check out my review for Wings of Darkness here, and stay tuned for my review of Wings of Shadow next week!)

Do you remember when you first discovered your love for writing? What inspires you to write?

Oddly enough, I didn’t discover a love of reading till I was about 8 years old. Once I did, though, I drank the Kool-Aid! By 11 or 12 I was convinced writing was the thing I had to do. I think most writers know by the time they’re teenagers. I spent several years teaching myself the mechanics of writing before I attempted it. Way back in the day there was no internet so I had to look everything up at the library. I taught myself to type over summer vacation one year. I got a subscription to “Writer’s Digest” magazine when I was 13 and it was my prized possession.

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Review: Wings of Darkness (The Immortal Sorrows) by Sherri A. Wingler


When we think of Death as a character, we think of a dark being who steals lives, snatching souls from bodies and cutting away the strings of life. In Wings of Darkness, Asher (The Angel of Death) isn’t like that being though, and we discover that in the very first scene, when he saves Isabel, a feisty teenage girl, from a fate worse than death: becoming an immortal sorrow as her lost spirit wonders the Earth. Of course, nothing is ever that simple, though is it? As Asher binds her soul to her body, so he binds himself to her and when Death is bound to a mortal, things are bound to get exciting, right?

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