777 Challenge: Tag, I’m It! Who’s Next?


I’m not normally one to do these tagged challenges, I tend to ignore them as I do with chain letters and texts (I mean, really, does anyone really believe that if they send something on, they’ll become a millionaire next week?  Or if they don’t send it on, all their fingers and toes will fall off?).  This one though, this one intrigued me!  The idea is that you share a little bit of your work in progress (WIP) and then tag seven authors or bloggers to do the same, thereby sharing the love and introducing readers (and writers) to other authors and blogs.  I think it’s a great idea and really – what could go wrong?  (Well, apart from the fact that I’m not sure I know seven other authors who haven’t previously been tagged, but I’ll try my best!)


The taggee must go to the seventh page, to the seventh line, and share the next seven sentences of their latest work in progress or new book.  Then they must tag seven other authors to do the same.

I’m It!

I was tagged by DM Miller.  Her bio reads:

DM Miller has trekked a path from North to South to West, finally settling with her family among prickly cactus thorns and big sky valleys.  From her multicultural gene pool, her appetite for going against the grain and exploring unlikely romantic pair-ups fuels the sudden trip to the keyboard to jot down whatever crazy thought enters her head for a story. 


I haven’t read DM’s book, The Religion of the Heart, yet but it’s definitely on my list!  It’s an interfaith romance that deals with the problems that a Muslim/Jewish couple might encounter.  This is her book description:

51o8lZL-9aL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Catherine and Abdul come from two opposing worlds. She is raised in the Judeo-Christian West, while he comes from a Muslim family in Egypt. Their first meeting is little more than a fleeting moment, but it sparks over a decade-long desperation and agonizing battle to be together.

Incompatible religions, distinct cultures and hot-tempered families vowing to keep them apart are the overwhelming hurdles they face, and reality hits once mysteries are solved and the fairytale beginning fades away. They are left with difficult decisions as they determine how important their respective religions are and whether or not the Muslim culture can mesh with the West.

Can an enduring yet taboo love conquer all when conflicting religions are duking it out, or will threatening roadblocks stand in the way?

I’m not one for romance, but this book appeals to me because it looks at societal norms and how restrictive they can be when it comes to other people.

My Seven Lines

I have got two WIPs at the moment – The Rainwitch (a full-length novel based on my Final Book Covershort story of the same name), and an as yet untitled follow up to John Sharpe: No. 1,348 which is set in Underworld in the aftermath of all the drama of the first book.  I wasn’t sure which to use for this challenge, but when I looked at The Rainwitch, I discovered I’ve only so far written six pages, so that answered my question!  So here are my seven lines (which I’ve taken to mean seven sentences, as opposed to seven physical lines):

 “Ed, my boy?” McCavity called, still not rising from his seat.

“What?” Ed barked, now positively irritated. 

“How about a visit to the pub?  I don’t wish for you to be angry and I understand that drinking until you are sick on your shoes, have stolen a traffic cone, and have upset several people, is how you young fellows like to deal with your problems.”  Despite sounding sarcastic, he was in fact perfectly sincere and actually, was genuinely concerned for poor Ed’s state of mind.  A kind-hearted fellow he is after all, our Mr. McCavity and besides, he could do with drowning his own sorrows too.  

“Um, okay?” Ed was unsure but he couldn’t resist the call of the beer. 


Tag: You’re It!

So this is the bit I’m finding difficult!  My main author friends have already been tagged (DM, as mentioned above, Jo Roderick, Elaine Chissick, Tanya Jones, Maria Gibbs to name a few whose work is worth checking out).  So instead of picking people I know well, I’ve gone for a selection of blogs/writers that I enjoy and admire:

  1. Julie Haiselden

I follow Julie’s blog and she has some great insights into reading, writing, and general musings on life.  I always enjoy her posts.  This is her bio:

Former NHS med sec/administrator. Mother of three, wife of one, chaotic cook, novelist and blogger. Occasional am-dram actor/director. Insomniac who enjoys writing by night and walking by day. 


  1. Hugh Roberts

There is always an intriguing topic on Hugh’s blog, and there are some really great short stories too.  His bio (the start of it, at least!):

My name is Hugh, and I live in Hove, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom, I write about all kinds of everyday life and what it brings to us all. Nothing too serious, most of the time just about the little things in life and how important they can be to all of us.  Some of my posts will be humorous, while others may bring a tear to the eye.


  1. Marty Vee

Down to earth, enjoyable blog posts.

I am an author and this is my blog. I write in a variety of genres. I’m currently working on a mystery novel and a romance trilogy-I will be publishing under a Pen Name. I would love to keep you abreast of my progress and what I learn week to week.


  1. Emma at Jot It Down

Short stories with a twist!

My name is Emma, I am a 20 year old aspiring writer and language enthusiast in the beautiful North of England.

I like to call myself a writer, though I have found I often spend far too much time planning rather than launching into actually writing the story. Stephen King aptly sums this up in saying that “the scariest moment is always just before you start.”

This led to the decision to make a blog where I can keep track of pieces I have finished and make a prompt start on the next.

On here you will find a variety of tales, including the works of my imagination and occasional insights into my life.


  1. Brian Rathbone

Best tweets ever!

My life has been an adventure, and I was an avid reader of fantasy long before I became a fantasy author.

I was born in the garden part of The Garden State, far from the New Jersey seen in the Sopranos. Farm life shaded my perceptions, and old-world knowledge seemed to separate me from my peers, or perhaps it was the ever-present smell of horse manure. Though I obtained a certain level of skill working with horses, I somehow knew my life would take a different path.


  1. Benedict Martin

Who once gave me a fantastic story prompt!

Benedict Martin lives in Ottawa with his lovely wife and two wonderful children. He also has three pet rats: Moochie, Sniffles, and Grover. They’re surprisingly intelligent, those rats. In fact, one night Benedict woke to Moochie telling him the plot of a novel he should write. Benedict’s wife swears it was a dream. And maybe it was, but Benedict’s taken to leaving a pad of paper and a pen next to the rat cage. You know, just in case.


  1. Rachel Poli

RachRachel Polel is writer of children’s and young adults’ novels, and she publishes short stories on her blog regularly.

My name is Rachel Poli. I’m a 22-year-old who resides in Massachusetts.

I have been writing since I was 10-years-old starting off with simple FanFiction. 11 years later, I have six young adult manuscripts completed and two picture books completed. I mainly write children’s, middle grade, and young adult. However, I have tried my hand at scripts, poems, and short stories and I have some ideas for those as well. I am not yet published, but I’m on my way.


    1. Great lines – and another enjoyable post! I really struggled to find people who hadn’t taken part already (and I obviously failed lol!) – your idea of leaving it open instead of tagging people is a great one!

      Thanks for replying! 😀

      1. You’re welcome.

        These challenges seem to do the rounds very quickly so you have to be very quick in taking them up. I find leaving them open always works better so that anybody can then join in. It also takes the pressure off anyone not wanting to participate.

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